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We are Schuyler and Merritt Oliver, we've always loved the outdoors and the beauty of Central Oregon. On a cross country trip in our travel trailer we found Smith Rock and decided to put down roots. We moved from the city to the country after the life-changing outbreak of Covid-19 and made Terrebonne and Smith Rock View Ranch our full-time home. We began by leasing our 7-acres of empty pasture to a neighboring rancher who filled our fields with sheep, goats and a cow. For two seasons we watched over and helped care for her 40 sheep & lambs, quickly fell in love with sheep and ranching life. We experienced the good with the bad, and with just enough experience to inspire confidence, we made the leap to build our own flock and become shepherds. We love the rural life-style with its endless outdoor activities but most of all we love caring for our furry & fluffy friends.


The Sire

Snake aka "Rambo"was named after his geographic birthplace, Idaho's majestic Snake River. This guy is a registered & proven St Croix hair sheep and available for stud services with your ewes to diversify and enhance your flock.


The Guard Donkey

Dolly works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year watching over the sheep. Donkeys are herd animals and she has bonded with our flock. She will protect and defend against such predators as coyotes, dogs and bobcats by chasing, stomping, kicking and biting. She is the sweetest and most affectionate creature, except when performing her guard duties, we love Dolly-Donkers!

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